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Jack Canfield
When going through tough times, it is helpful to read an inspiring story of someone who has overcome what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. I am delighted and proud to recommend one of my friends, Jin Kyu (Suh) Robertson, who has indeed lived a life full of amazing hardships and great overcomings. In fact,I can see several bestselling books and blockbuster movies in the story of her journey, which she has captured in her manuscript From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D.

I strongly believe that her story will inspire and motivate millions of people in the world regardless of their personal background, race, gender, age, profession, education, and economic status. I strongly encourage you to discover why Jin Robertson’s book will have you turning pages until the very end and will leave you determined to appreciate all that is right with your life.

Jack Canfield Co-creator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul, Co-author of The Success Principles, Featured teacher in 'The Secret'


Sam Horn
Anyone who has had the pleasure and privilege of being around Jin is impressed by her warmth, strength, graciousness, determination and ability to inspire others through her example of leadership. She is that rare individual who makes everyone around her want to be a better person.
Sam Horn Author of POP! and Tongue Fu!
Single teen mom
You inspired me to rise out of my current situation and to raise my daughter to become somebody, no matter what!
Single teen mom Cambridge College, MA


I was so moved by not only your story but what you sang at the end of your “sharing” as well. Even though I do not understand your native language, I could feel what you were singing very deeply… I could “see” the “energy” of your soul!
Charlotte Johnson Massachusetts, USA

We believe that Oprah should invite you on her show. We will write to her every day until we see you on the show! Of course we will be in the audience to cheer you.

Student Cambridge College, MA
Trainee Soldier
I was going to commit suicide because of the miserable and unbearable life of the basic training in the Korean Army. But your speech at our post that afternoon saved me and made me realize the reasons to live. As you said, we have only one life to live. I also want to test and find out what my limits are!!
Trainee Soldier Korean Army
50 year old woman
I have never heard more moving and inspiring speech in my whole life. In fact, this was the first time I ever gave a standing ovation!!
50 year old woman Samsung Life Insurance, Korea


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Enlisted Soldier
I was so moved and encouraged by Jin’s speech; I went to a college in town that afternoon and registered for the evening classes. I also want to make something out of my life!!
Enlisted Soldier U.S. Army, Fort Bliss Texas
Executive VP
Your speech simply is so powerful. In fact I am using your story and philosophy when I train my people. Especially, your strategy of making three lists to accomplish every objective is so brilliant.
Executive VP SK Telecom, Korea
Throughout your speech, I had goose bumps running over my body. I also was in tears at the realization that I can still dream even at my late fifties. You indeed inspired me to go for more of the life can offer.
President Pharmaceutical Company, Korea
I used to be a plain housewife who knew very little about the world outside of my home and used to be scared to venture out. But your story changed me completely. Now, I am a freelance TV producer, who reports about the lives of people in the world, including the “war zones” in Afghanistan and Iraq, and about Korean fishermen who had been abducted by pirates.
Freelance TV Producer Seoul, Korea
I am a seventy year old man who is very happy to have heard your inspirational speech. You indeed changed my outlook about the life. I don’t know when I will die. But whenever that could be, I am trying to live in the best way every day, so that I could say at my death bed, “I indeed lived a wonderful life at least from my seventy!”
70 year old man Incheon, Korea
This is 10th time I listened to your speech and still made me cry. In fact, you inspire and motivate me and teach me something new every time.
President Korean Human Development Institute
As growing up, I never thought about studying abroad. But you inspired and motivated me so much. With the amazing encouragement from your life story, I ended up graduating from Harvard Business School. Now, I work for the Boston Consulting.
30 year old woman Korea
What a moving and inspiring story that is!! It’s not that you need Oprah, it is Oprah that needs you!
Jacki Rose Massachusetts, USA